Control Calling, SMS, Browser, Send Text and Images From Computer To iPhone

We have been using a number of applications on iPhone that make us more efficient when doing a particular job but a couple of chores do annoy us sometimes. For instance if you want send a message to somebody or call somebody or save notes, each and every time you will have to access your iPhone no matter whether its near you or not.

Sometimes it is hard to open a particular webpage with a long URL from your iPhone as the small keyboard is not perfect enough for a continuous and focused typing and eventually such jobs frustrate us. myPhoneDesktop is a brilliant app made for iOS and lets you do all the above tasks from your desktop only without even touching your phone. Impressive enough? I am sure you would fall in love with it.


You must download the app on your phone and also the desktop based software first. Install the app on your phone from apple store and the desktop client from the developer’s website. Once you are done with installing it you must create an account and then login with the same credentials on the phone as well as on the desktop client.


Now on the desktop app sections like phone, URL, Text, Image and settings are give at the bottom. We will start with the phone first. So here you can dial a number using the virtual keypad or your computer keyboard also and then hit the call button. Similarly if you want to send an SMS to somebody click in the small window, type your message and press the SMS button.


Next is URL which could be used in case of a long web address. So kust copy paste the URL in the desktop client and  hit open.


As soon as you hit open the the app will give you a notification in case your cell phone is locked.


When you unlock it or if the phone is already unlocked, the page will be opened In your iDevice’s safari browser immediately.


If you want to save a photo to your iDevice which is either on your desktop or on a webpage, go to the Image section type in the URL or browse the file and hit save.


Again the app will give you a notification in case the phone is in a locked state.


Further as you unlock it and press view it will open the image in the app itself on the device and will also save it to your camera roll at the same time.


If you are looking to save some notes to your phone, better type the text or copy paste it in the space under the Text section and press show.


Doing this the desktop client will immediately send the same as a text message to your phone which you can read anytime by opening the app.


Lastly you can change the settings from the iDevice app such as sharing the app, clearing the log of the dialed numbers, sent text, received images and text and opened webpages from the app itself. You can also switch the notification sounds and vibration alerts.


The desktop client also allows you to import contacts, transfer to do lists from idevice to the client and a number of other options that you would never like to miss. The same desktop client can also be used to send SMSs and make Calls with Skype or Google Voice etc.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

.Conclusion: This app is extremely useful when you have to do some unwanted tasks and except for calling purpose, you will not even have to touch your device to get the job done. With this emailing notes, saving images, opening long URLs will not be as tedious as it looks now.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: $4.99| Visit App Store Link To Install myPhoneDesktop

Click To Download myPhoneDesktop Desktop Client From here

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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