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Control Your Smartphone Without Touching it With Hovering Controls

If you remember a bit, we have already come across apps like blow to unlock (Micromax remember?) , Hover Hold, which automatically answered incoming calls when phone was brought near ear and many others. In same genre another app called Hovering Controls is gaining attention recently.

The app goes few step further than these niche gesture apps. Like every other gestures supported apps Hovering Control uses your proximity sensor of the device and takes actions based on the simple motions registered in front of the device.

Features of Hovering Control

Once installed, you will be able to open apps based on simple hand movement above your proximity sensor. Tap the Start and configure Control Options. Hover Hold option will let you place your hands over the sensor for a few seconds and open an app specified by you. Slide once lets you slide one time on the sensor and open app again specified by you. Sliding Twice will let you open other app specified.


The target mode lets you open the same application every time while Carousel Mode lets you open every time a new app whenever you slide once over the proximity sensor.

You can also silent the incoming call ring and the alarm sound by simply sliding your hands from left to right over the proximity sensor. Shaking the phone during a call will toggle the loudspeaker mode. Quick Glance gives some basic information about the phone like battery level and unread mail count.


Apart from just opening the app and silencing sound there are lot other functions that Hover Control can do. Go to settings and enable the Music/Video Control. Now you will be able control music and video players even with screen off. Since the feature is still in beta, it worked with little bearable flaws sometimes.


If you have a rooted phone While viewing pictures in the gallery, you can slide once to view next and slide twice to view the previous one. Also while browsing slide once to down the web page and slide twice to up the web page. Just to point Firefox is still not supported.

I personally felt that the app needs some more polishing in terms of User Interface and features to make itself premium. Though if you are one of those who can’t wait, go ahead and buy it from the Play store. Chances of disappointments are less.

Download Hovering Control | Google Play Store

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