Convert SMS To Text File On Android Phone & Export It Out Of Phone

Making a backup of your SMSs has become easy as several apps are available in the android market but even then sometimes i wish i had an app which could create a text file of my messages so that i can read it anywhere and also save them easily and i would not have to use a software to restore the messages.

SMS to Text is a fantastic app to create backup of your text messages in text files as well as CSV files. This app, ensuring your convenience, creates a simple text files of all your messages along with the date, time and number from which it was sent, mentioned next to the message.


The app also filters the messages by both in and out, i.e. the messages sent by you, sent to you and both.


You can also change the format of the backup file to text or CSV.


The interface is simple and has a few options like Filter by contact, filter by in/out and file type. The app lets you filter the messages by contact which means that you have to check the box next to the option first and then select a contact from the list. As soon as you select a contact it will display the number of messages sent from that particular contact and to backup the same, press Export to SD card.


A small window will appear then where you can give a name to your file.


If you have a file explorer you can see the backup file in your SD card.


The image below tells how a message backup text file looks like.


The app also features some additional options which you can access by pressing the menu key. These include the settings of the app, export to option and import SMS option. With Export To option you can select whether you want to backup the file to your SD card or Email(available in only PRO version). Through import SMS you can select a previously made text backup file and import the messages from it.


Through settings you can change the time and date formats. The line format can also be changed. One can also alter the sort criteria.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 1.5 and up.

Conclusion: Really good app and works well. The backup file is also easy to read and i personally recommend the app.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App


[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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