6 Ways To Export iPhone Contacts To Other Phones

One of the most important type of data that we have stored on our iPhone is in the form of Contacts. One would never want to lose his or her contacts nor can bear the pain of seeing an empty contact list. As a precautionary measure people make a backup/export contacts to their PC or to other services like Google and Microsoft Outlook.

Today in this post we will be discussing various ways in which one can export contacts from an iPhone and they are as follows:

  • Export iPhone Contacts To Outlook
  • Export iPhone Contacts To Your Computer(Windows Address Book)
  • Export iPhone Contacts To Google Contacts
  • Export iPhone Contacts To VCF File
  • Export iPhone Contacts To Excel File
  • Export iPhone Contacts To A Secure Server

1. Export iPhone Contacts To Microsoft Outlook

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer using the the USB cable and launch the iTunes application. Ensure that iTunes displays your iPhone on the left pane under Devices.
  2. Click on your Device’s name on the iTunes and click on the “Info” tab, present toward the top. Check the Sync contacts with box and select Outlook from the dropdown menu.
  3. If you want to sync all the contacts from your iPhone to Outlook, select All Contacts. In case you want only specific contacts, click Selected groups and check all the contacts you want to sync to Outlook.
  4. Hit Apply, present at the bottom right corner to sync your iPhone contacts to Outlook. That’s it, now your job is done and you can close iTunes and disconnect your device.
  5. To ensure that the contact have been synced, launch Outlook and click the Contacts tab. All the exported contacts will be listed there.

2. Export iPhone Contacts To Your Computer(Windows Address Book)

  • Follow the above given procedure till step number 2 and instead of selecting Outlook from the dropdown menu, select Windows Address Book.(it will be selected by default)
  • Ether select all contacts or select specific contacts, whichever suit you. Now Select Apply from the bottom pane and your contacts will be synced immediately and saved on your computer in the Contacts folder.
  • To ensure your contacts you can navigate to C:\Users\xxxx\Contacts (xxxx is your account name). If you do not seem to find this folder try using this shortcut. Press Windows + R and type in wab and hit enter.

Contacts on windows address book

  • Further from here you can use the export feature and backup your contacts to a CSV or VCF file.

3. Export iPhone Contacts To Google Contacts

  • Once again follow the fist two steps of the procedure give in the first method(Microsoft Outlook) and select Google Contacts from the drop down menu.
  • Fill in your Gmail account credentials one it is verified, select the contacts you want to export.
  • Press Apply and let the contacts to Sync.
  • To ensure everything has securely reached your google account, sign into your Google account in a browser and enter the contacts section. And Voila, here are all your contacts.

4. Export iPhone Contacts To VCF File

The best way to do so is a free app called a MyContactsBackup. It is available for free on the app store and lets you create a VCF file in one single click. The same file is then attached to a new mail which you can either send to your own email or your friends’. It works brilliantly and creates a VCF file in seconds no matter how many contacts you have.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Interestingly you can restore contacts from by same VCF file by opening that particular email and tapping on the file. It is as simple as you can expect.

5. Export iPhone Contacts To Excel File

Just like we exported contacts to a VCF file using MyContactsBackup in the above method, we can surely export the same contacts to an excel file as well. But for that you need a different app called as ExcelContacts. It is a paid app available on the app store and we have done a detailed review of the same which you can read here.


6. Export iPhone Contacts To A Secure Server(Jailbreak Needed)

If you do not want to save your contacts using any of the above given methods, you can definitely try an interesting Cydia tweak called as SecuredContacts. All you have to do is install the app, set in a password(so that only you can access the file) and press Upload. Once the upload is finished the tweak will notify you that the job has been done and will also display a URL which you have to note down. The same url can be entered in the address bar of any browser and the contacts file can be downloaded.


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