Copy, Save All Android Phone Data Includes SMS, Settings, Call logs, Favorites Etc With Backup Everything

We have covered a lot of backup applications like MobileGo, Application Backup & Restore and many others here at this link. Some are meant for backing up SMSs only, some for applications and some for a complete backup. Backup Everything is an amazing small application for creating backup of literally everything present on an android devices.

I believe it’s the easiest to use android backup application existing on the internet and is of extreme use under conditions where you want to make backup of the following things: SMS, MMS, Bookmarks, Call Log (including missed, dialed and received calls, System Settings, Alarms, Apn and last but not the least, your Applications.


The same application can also be used to restore the above mentioned sections from a previous backup file and restoring is again as simple as one could think of. In order to start backing up your data follow the steps given below.

  • Start the application. The first interface of the application would be similar to what you see above where you can Check All or Uncheck All or manually select the following sections you wish to make backup of.
  • Hit backup after which the app will ask for a confirmation of the sections whose backup will be created where you have to press OK and as you hit Ok the backup will start immediately.


The app creates a directory/folder named Backup Everything in your SD-card where the backup files will be stored and will be retrieved for future restorations.


For restoring, tap on the Restore tab present next to Backup at the top of your screen and follow the same steps which you followed for Backup process. The only difference is that instead of a Backup button at the bottom, a Restore button will be displayed.


One can also manage previously made backup settings by pressing the Menu button and then selecting the only option present there, View And Manage.


The developer has done an amazing piece of work by keeping the interface extremely simple and clean and also by adding only the required options with no tantrums for the users.The app is not available on the android market but for your convenience you can search on google for an APK file through which you can install it manually on your android phone. For those of you who don’t know how to install an app through APK file, navigate to Settings>Applications>Unknown Source and check the box. Transfer the file to your phone by connecting it to PC and then you can install it.

App Requirements: Compatible with Android deices. Requires android 1.6 – 3.1.

Conclusion: In all this seems to be a simple yet powerful app to backup of your personal data and settings.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Search On Google For The APK File To Install Backup Everything

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