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Create Custom GO Launcher EX Themes On Your Android Device

Whenever we switch to a new launcher on our android device, the first thing we look forward to is how unique the launcher is. The second most important thing that we consider is the support for themes as we want our device to sand out of the crowd.

GO Launcher EX is one of the most known launchers available on the Google Play store and the developers have provided excellent theme support over the years. For sure the themes that we download and apply on GO Launcher EX are unique and pleasing aesthetically but there is nothing better than creating your own custom themes.

GO Launcher developers have released GO Launcher Theme Maker, an app that lets you create a custom theme including icons, docks, folders, and more. The app also give you the power to control icon colors, transparency, rotation etc. Furthermore you are also allowed to add stickers via pictures or icons that can either be downloaded or drawn by you. Cutting it short, you will have way too much things to control and to eventually come up some stunningly beautiful designs. That is not all, you can also upload your created themes to a Theme Hub and also download and install themes created by other users.

How To Use GO Launcher Theme Maker

First you need to have GO Launcher EX and GO Launcher Theme Maker installed. So for that you need to go to Google Play store and download them separately. Download GO Launcher EX from here and GO Launcher Theme Maker from here.

Now you need to launch GO Launcher Theme Maker and the very first screen looks like what you see in the image below: a + button at the top to create a new theme, and edit, rename, delete, install, and share buttons at the bottom.  This is the screen from where you create a new theme, rename it, delete it, and even install the same. There is also a Theme Hub option at the top right wherein you can browse through themes created by users across the globe, and even install their themes.


Right from the home screen to the app drawer. Initially when you go through the interface it will guide you through the buttons and different sections of the screen that one can customize.


In order to customize a particular icon you need to tap on it and a drop down bar will appear on the top from where you can select the sticker, if you wish to apply any. From the bottom you can rollback the changes, and even undo the last action. In the same bar you will also have various sticker packs which are available for download and they are called Kuramees.


If you press the edit button (look at the bottom right corner of the images above) you reach a new screen where you will have more control over icon editing. From here you can add text to an icon, apply stickers or an image to the icon, apply a color, and even fill the icon block with your desired color.


If you put a Kuramee on the icon section, you can further edit it, though not much options will be available in the free version of the Theme Maker.


After doing all that we just saw in the images above, I am sure you will come up with some interesting creations of your own. To apply a theme you can either go to the Theme Maker or you can also do so from GO Launcher EX’s theme section.



It is a great for users who like to experiment with their devices and explore things. You will love creating your own designs, though the interface may confuse you as there is too much to take care of. If you like the free version of the theme maker you can also go for the paid version which has more customization options.

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