Create Live Active Pictures On iPhone With Flixel

Flixel is one great photography application that animates your pictures in such a way that rather it looks like a video is being played. You can capture your own moments, bring them to life and upload them. Beside this you can also view Flixels created by other users across the globe.

Making the app even more special is the ability to add filters, add looping effects and most importantly to share created or viewed flixels with your friends on twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and email.

The main interface of the app contains five tabs at the bottom: Home, Loved, Capture, Featured and Profile. Under Home you have your own Flixel feed as well as the feeds from nearby. On each of the Flixel there is Love count and comment count at the bottom.


The Loved tab contains the most loved Flixels of the week, month and all-time. Similar is the featured section containing that contains all the featured Flixels. The Profile section features your own profile where you can add your account picture and sign in your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts.


To view a Flixel tap on it. You will again see four tabs at the bottom: Love count, comments, share and flag as inappropriate.


As you can see the Love tab lists all the users who loved the picture. Its similar to Liking a picture or comment on Facebook.


You can read all the comments on a picture under the Comments tab.


Sharing a Flixel is easy. Tap on Share tab under a Flixel and you can share the same on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Email.


If you do not like a particular picture, you can flag it as inappropriate.


To coming to the main function of the app, how to create flixels, you have to use the Capture button. The bottom middle button in the first picture. Use the button to open the camera. By default you have grids on the camera which you can hide using the box button. Record a small moment from here and the app will process it for you.


Once it processes and stabilizes the image, it will open up an editing screen. Here you have the edit, erase,layer buttons along with Star/End, Looping and Filters tab at the bottom.


Under Start/End you can manually select the starting and ending frame of the Flixel.


Under Looping you can set a loop delay and direction as well, backward of forward.


A couple of filters are available for free but you can also purchase some exclusive flilters.


After you are done editing the Flixel, proceed by tapping the done button. On the next page you can add a caption to your Flixel, share the location and even configure sharing the same on other social websites.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5 or later.

Conclusion: Very lively app. Each Flixel amazes you. 5 stars from our side.

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No, Download Similar App From Here ]

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