[Solved] Get Rid Of Warning Your iCloud Storage Is Almost Full Without Buying More Paid iCloud Storage

I upgraded my iphone 4 Os to iOS 5.0.1 some months ago, one the most amazing feature introduced with iOS 5 is iCloud which allowed iphone, ipad and ipod touch user to upload the apple devices backup data and apps on the iCloud storage severs once they create a iCloud account. Apple provided the free 5GB storage to all the icloud users, and once your data exceeds 5 GB you will need to pay for the extra data you store in apple severs after 5GB limit.

Recently we received a mail regarding a warning email he received a warning email from apple on his apple account email id saying that, “Your iCloud Storage Is Almost Full, Please upgrade to avoid failing of the next backup from your iphone”. In our case our storage exceeded 4Gb limit which was still less than 5Gb mark, but as per the space left the next backup size of data and apps from iphone the next iphone backup to icloud servers would fail, if we don’t upgrade to buy more storage on apple servers.

icloud storage almost full

Today we will tell you how to get rid of the error message warning “Storage almost Full message appearing constantly on my iPhone 4” or “Your iCloud Storage Is Almost Full”.

Yes, You don’t need to pay or Buy More Storage To Fix This

Now when it comes to iCloud there are 4 main things that mostly occupy the space – Mail, Photos, Backup and Apps Data which you can choose to remove and delete from the icloud severs to make t fall in permissible limit of 5GB free for each account.

To find out, go to Settings >> iCloud >> Storage & Backup >> Manage Storage – Here you will see the storage details about which item taking more space and causing the space limit on icloud to overflow. In our case it was Photos which we normally backup every time on PC, every time we connect iphone to computer, so we deleted photos backed up on icloud servers to free the occupied 4.5 Gb storage by them, it could be some thing different in your case.


We turned off the camera roll which was whopping 4.5 Gb of entire icloud backup data.


After doing this, we were only using 0.3 Gb of the entire iCloud server and everything was good again without any warning and no need to buy the extra paid storage. Below is the proof of the same.


To Check For the Mail App Data and Backup Docs Of Apps

Mail App Data: Click “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Storage & Backup” > “Manage Storage”. Here you can see total space of mail. If you want to free up space occupied by mail, just delete mails in iCloud mail.

Backup App Documents and Data: Hit “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Storage & Backup” > “Manage Storage” > “iPhone”. Backup data space in iCloud will be displayed here, including each app data, each document, you can turn off unneeded items here.

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Thanks for this. This really helped me alot! I am not tech savy at all and I figured this out. thanks for the pics.

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