Delete Duplicate Multiple Contacts On Android Phone

Removing contacts on android or any other smart phone is a very easy task but when are looking for removing more than one contact, it does not remain the same as it was was while handling one single contact. Obviously deleting multiple contacts at once is not of the default features on android smart phones and therefore several apps are available on the android market to make multiple contacts removal easier.

Talking on the same, today we will be reviewing an app called as Contact Remover, which is available on the market for free and does make you remove contacts with utmost convenience.


We have a very simple interface here with all the contacts listed. At the bottom we have four buttons Select all, clear all, delete(which is not highlighted as no contacts are selected) and the search button. To know the details of a particular contact tap on it and you will come to know the number, email address etc of that particular person.


To delete multiple contacts at once, check the corresponding boxes and you will see the delete button at the bottom getting highlighted. Select the ones and hit the delete button. If you want to remove all the contacts at once, press Select all and then hit delete and if you wish to clear all the checked contacts, press the Clear all button.


Searching a contact is another easy job. Press the magnifying glass on the right bottom corner and enter the email address, or telephone number or the specific contact name and hit search.


One can access the settings by pressing the Menu key and then selecting settings. There you will come across a number of options like Keep Screen On which does not put the phone on sleep, Show contacts Counts-that displays the number of contacts selected along with total number of contacts present on your device. Going down we have duplicate contacts settings like match on names, use nicknames, match on phone numbers etc which is related to the search feature.


Another option is Number of digits to match where you can select the number of digits which should match while you are using the search option.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 2.1 and up.

Conclusion: Good app, quick at its job and works nicely.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

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6 replies on “Delete Duplicate Multiple Contacts On Android Phone”

Hi, I’ve downloaded this app and its worth to try, it took not more than 10mins to delete the duplicate entries from my contacts which is having 800+ contacts. Thanks for sharing.. Keep it up..

Thanks for your hint. I am trying to get rid of my duplicate contacts, but the app that I have downloaded does not seem to have a “settings” part. when i hit the menu button, i only get Help, About & Facebook Info at the bottom. does this mean that mine is an old version (in the about section, it only says contact remover by HolyHog Software copyright 2010/2011) or do i have to buy the plus version?

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