Delete Facebook Status Update From iPhone, iPad or Android Phone

iPhone and iPad and Android phones are the one of the most popular portable devices on which many people use facebook and its really a need for most of the users to be connected  to facebook these days as its now one of the most popular website on internet.

One of my friend faced a problem when he wanted to delete a facebook status update which he posted previously, and the time he wanted to delete the update he was traveling and only had his iPhone with him but he did not find any option in the facebook app installed on his iPhone with which he could delete the update from his iPhone.  After some hit and trails, we found a simple way to do this on iPhone or iPad or any Android phone as well.

Delete Facebook Photo, Text Update or Video From iPhone, iPad or Android Phone

You can easily do this with the facebook app installed iPhone, iPad or android phone, the only simple thing you need to do it to swipe with your finger towards the left and then you will be able to delete a facebook update and this can be done on any device where facebook app is installed.

On iPad

In the facebook app, go to your facebook timeline by tapping on your name

photo (3)

and then swipe towards left from right on the status update you want to delete and you will see the cross symbol over the right top of the status update.

photo (1)

and once you tap on the cross button you will see the the option to hide the update or delete it from your facebook timeline.

photo (2)

On iPhone

Go to your facebook timeline


Then swipe from right to left and you will see a cross symbol to delete the update.


Then tap on the black cross to delete the status update from facebook


Tap on delete post button to delete the update or tab on hide from timeline in case you don’t want to delete it.

How To Delete Facebook Update Android Phone

Similarly you can do like this to delete an update on any android phone as well, the entire process remains the same as described above.

Bonus Tip

How To Delete Facebook Update From Browser on Mobile Phone or on iPad, iPhone

In case you don’t have the facebook app installed and you would like to delete a facebook status update from a device which has internet connection, in such you can follow the procedure given below.

Go to your timeline by tapping on your name in the browser

Facebook Timeline Status Update Delete

Now you will need tap on the update sharing settings icon to see the delete options

photo 2

Now, tap on the edit option twice to see the delete option

photo 3

Now tap on delete option to delete the status update.

photo 4


By following the guides above, you can delete any facebook update from iPhone, iPad or android phone or tablet or from any portable device from the internet browser as well. In case if the above procedure does not help you or you have a related question, please let us know using the comment section below. 

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Abhishek Bhatnagar is an apple engineer at heart and an apple products user since the first iPhone, he posses a Engineer degree and loves to review Apple products ans iOS apps.

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