Dell Remote PC Control App Review

Cloud is on of the most talked about term in technology these days. And why not. The distance it has shortened between all your devices and the ease it provides while accessing makes it a dear tech. A scenario where you forget your project presentation at home and need to show it in college. Instead of freaking out what you can do is install in prior a Mac or Desktop companion on your system and with the free Wyse app access your entire computer hassle free.

Dell Wyse Pocket Cloud

Dell Wyse Pocket Cloud is a cloud based app (for both Android and iOS) which lets you access your system remotely.

How To Use

First you need to download a Desktop companion on your system to make it accessible. The software (which is light enough) is available for windows as well as Mac. Once you have downloaded and installed Wyse Pocket Cloud on you computer you need to download the app from either Play store or iOS Store.

Dell Wyse
The Desktop at My iPhone Screen Through Dell Wyse

The difference here to note is Wyse Pocket Cloud app is available in a Free version as well as a Pro version. With free version you can only add a single computer.

During the set up you will be asked to login with your Gmail id. More security and control at the user side is the reason behind Wyse using Gmail. Once you set up everything you are ready to log into your system through your smartphone.

To Log in to your system simply type in the computer username and the same password that you use to log in to the computer. There it is. Your entire desktop. Click on the mouse shaped icon in the menu bar below and the next moment you will be scrolling the mouse on your desktop.

Dell Wyse

Apart from these you can access your system’s file natively on the iPhone. Have a look of the screenshot below. The files listed are actually the files residing in my Macbook’s Dcouments.

Files on iPhone

I tried the app on the same Wi-fi connection and i hope the experience on the normal 3G network should be bearable as well. What i was amazed with was the hassle free connection between the iPhone and the system. Simply i entered the same Gmail username and password on both places and in ‘Auto Discovery’ it listed my computer.

With the same login credentials i was able to monitor my system remotely. I have also tried the ‘Remote’ on my Windows 8 smartphone and computer but the performance was not as enduring as Dell Wyse Pocket Cloud App. The app Dell Wyse Pocket Cloud might not be the best app in the town but for its hassle free connection and true graphic rendering on the smartphone as well makes it surely one of the best app for cloud management.


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