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Display Owner Info Text on Android Lock Screen Which May Help You Get Back Lost Android Phone, Tablet

There are times when you might forget your android phone, tablet in a public place on a table or some where else, you can configure your android phone or tablet to display a text message on the lock screen which could convince a user to return the device to you.

However this is not guaranteed but still there are some chances of getting a device back in case you specify the owner info in which we recommend you add a mobile phone number.

Specify Owner Info and Display On Android Lock Screen

In order to display the owner info on the lock screen, you will need to go to Settings >> Security and them tap Owner Info


Under owner info, you can specify a text message which will be shown to a everyone on the device lock screen.


Now once specified, you will see message on the lock screen.



There are plenty of software’s on google play store which allows you to locate a lost android tablet, phone but none of them comes for free rather they offer paid subscription. But this way you can actually get back a lost android phone or tablet the easy way, but it all depends on the person who has found your lost android device.

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