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Download APKs Of Apps & Games Installed On Android To Your Computer

What is an APK file? APK or Android application package file is the file format of applications which we install on Google’s Android operating system. Most of the new users who have switched recently to android aren’t familiar with this file format as while downloading applications or games from the play store the packages get immediately installed without leaving any apks behind.

The most interesting use of an apk file is that one can install the respective app without launching the play store, meaning without any internet connectivity. Now the best way to have such apks stored on your device is to actually download them using the default browser and then install them whenever there is a need. Having said that, downloading apks could be troublesome too, since not all apks are present under the same roof.

Today we bring you a windows based application with the help of which you can download regular as well as country or device restricted application packages right on your computer.

Step 1: Download Real APK Leecher, extract the winrar file and launch Real APK Leecher.exe. When launched for the first time, it will ask for your Google credentials along with the Device ID. Your Google credentials include your Gmail ID and your password. Users who do not know what a Device ID is, launch the dialer and enter *#*#8255#*#*.

real apk leecher

In case the above mentioned special number does not produce the Device ID, you can download Device ID app from Play Store and on launching it, your device id will be displayed on the screen.


Step 2: Select the default country and Sim operator numeric (this can be used to download restricted application apks). Further you should browse and select the download location on your computer, and then hit the Save button at the bottom. Now a new window will show up from where you can search for applications.

real apk leecher 2

Here you can search for free applications by vendor name and even package name, using the search bar given at the top right section. A filter is also provided to filter out unwanted applications.

Step 3: Once you come across the app you want to download the apk of, right click on the same and select Download This App (refer to the image under Step 2).

The apk download will now begin and you will see the file in your chosen folder once the download is complete.

NOTE: You can download all free application apks on your personal computer using this software. The software will also display premium apks (paid ones), but you can only download those apks if you have purchased them. Real APK Leecher does not support piracy.

A very interesting feature about the same is that it also keeps a track of the latest version of the files you download, and when an application is updated to a new version, you get notified.


Real APK Leecher is a great tool to keep you downloaded APK files handy. However, you require Java Runtime Environment on your computer, and according to a recent report Oracle’s Java is quite vulnerable to hacking attacks. In short, you need to use this software at your own risk and if you do, just make sure to disable java-addons installed in your browsers.

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