Now Rent or Buy Movies on Android From Google Play India Store

It was Apple iTunes Store and now Android has also joined the Indian movie market. I can easily say that as the apps on Apple App Store are centric towards US, in the same way most of the apps on Android are centric towards India. The reason is simple because India has the largest market of Android phone users and so the apps are. Google Play Store has the new section of providing movie on rent and selling them too and in the same format as it was done with the applications. Here in this post we will talk about this new feature of Google Play Store.

How To Navigate to Google Play Store India Movies Section

It’s simple, just open the Google Play Store and then tap the Movies section as mentioned in the screenshot below.


You also have the mandatory categories for such movies.


You also 2 modes in which you can watch a movie, you can either buy them or watch them on rent, the rent price are almost 50 percent to that off the original price of the movie when the Hollywood movies are concerned but the rent for Bollywood movies are pretty cheap which starts from 50 INR.


The moment you buy the movie, it will be downloaded on your device whether it is a phone or tablet and then you can see it there. Once the movie is bought it will be associated with your Google account and then you will be able to download it again anytime in future.

Google Play Store Movies Buy – Things You Should Know

You will need to enter credit card details for making the payment for these movies you will download and rent from google play store india and you can download the rented or bought content on multiple android devices but the number of devices where you can download the content is limited.

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