Download, Save Facebook Photos To Camera Roll In Facebook iPhone App [No Jailbreak Needed]

There are times when you would like to save the photos from facebook app on your iphone camera roll or photos, but previously there was no way you could save photos on your iphone directly from facebook app.

There are were some workarounds like you can download or save photos from facebook by using facebook through safari browser and then it will allow you to save the pictures directly in camera roll, you can read our complete guide here

Another hack which runs only on jailbreak iphone or ipod touch involves a app which you need to install from cydia, this app is called FBPhotoSave, it allows you to save photos by using simple gestures. All you have to do is to tap and hold the picture which you want to save until it prompts you to save it to the camera roll as shown in the image below.


Once the photos are saved in camera roll it will show the message saved as shown in the image below.


But now you don’t even need this tweak as if you have the official facebook app running on your iphone or ipod touch you can directly save all the photos to camera roll directly from facebook app.

Just open any photo to view in facebook app for iphone, this photo could be a photo from facebook photo album or the one uploaded through status update as shown in the image below.


Once you have selected to save the photo, you will see the same in camera roll as shown in the image below.


Photo Credit iclickd

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