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Save Webpage Offline on Android To View Without Internet Connectivity

Almost every smartphone user rents a mobile internet connection to get access to the world wide web, and a majority of them make great efforts to save that extra bit of mobile data. Since it is about browsing mostly, one of the best ways to save mobile data is saving the webpage for offline reading.

The very feature of saving pages for offline reading comes in very handy when you are planning to visit a place where data connections are expensive, or when data connection is unavailable. Now the question is, how and on what apps can you save webpages for offline reading?

Today’s post will consist of a couple of applications/browsers that offer the feature of saving webpages. So let us get started.

1. Stock Android Browser: This is the browser that comes preinstalled on android. Following the response that third party browsers have been getting, Google added the feature to the stock browser. To save a webpage in the stock browser, tap on the settings/preferences button and hit Save For Offline Reading. To access the saved webpage, open the Bookmarks and navigate to the Saved Pages section.


2. Opera for Android: Opera, the popular mobile browser, also comes with the same feature. To save a page in Opera, tap on the settings button which is situated at the bottom right corner, and select Downloads. At the top of the Downloads section, you will see the option to save the current page.


3. Boat Browser for Android: If you are using Boat Browser, tap on the toolbar button which looks like two arrows pointing towards right (present at the bottom right corner) and tap on Save Page. The page will be downloaded immediately. To access the save page, tap on the menu button which is second from the right, and go to Downloads. All your saved pages will be available there.


4. US Browser for Android: People who prefer UC Browser can also save pages without any hassles. Open UC browser and tap on the menu button. Now scroll to the second page of the menu by swiping to the left and select Save Page. Your webpage will then be available under the Downloads section.


Bonus Tip

If you are not convinced by the above mentioned browsers, you can install Offline Browser from Google Play store. This app is meant for saving webpages for offline reading only, and many people prefer it over other apps.

2 replies on “Save Webpage Offline on Android To View Without Internet Connectivity”

Very useful tips for saving data over the mobile. I usually prefer to use Opera Mobile to save data and found different ways of saving by your post.
Thanks for sharing kashish.

Boat browser saves only html file, it doesn’t save images for offline reading. If you are disconnected from internet, your saved page will not show correctly.

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