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Tip – Capture Photo Front and Back Camera on iPhone At Same Time

Samsung has released their Samsung Galaxy S4 with Dual Camera Mode and this is one of the most interesting feature seen in the mobile phones ever and as we know that there are huge number of applications of app store and it is literally very much difficult to give you the exact number. So as soon as this feature was released with Samsung Galaxy S4, an app was also made available on the iPhone App Store offering your iPhone the feature of Dual Camera Mode. Dual Camera mode is a new feature which takes the photographer in the photo (who is usually left out most of the times) by creating a slot for him in the photo. As you can see the home screen of the this application, where by default the back camera will start working but you can flip the camera to front with the highlighted option in the screenshot.


With the camera icon you can shoot the pic, initially it will click the frame which you have captured and then it will flip the camera on the other side and then again take a pic within no time and then it will merge it thus taking the photographer in the photo.


You can take the photo from both camera and then share it on your social network like Instagram, Facebook and others.


This feature does not exactly work in the same manner as it works in Samsung Galaxy S4 but it solves the purpose of taking the photographer in the photo when he is on the other side of lens capturing the best moments and this also has a very simple UI making it really for you to use it.

Download DBL Camera on App Store [iOS] | For Android – It Should Come Soon

Similar App Options If You Don’t Like DBL Cam

DuoCam for iOS, which takes photos with both the front-facing and rear-facing camera at the same time, and lets you stitch them together to create a mash-up of sorts.

Signature Camera Pro app for the iOS comes in handy. You simply have to take a picture with the camera app and you will automatically get a merged photo of one shot taken from the back camera and one shot taken from the front camera.

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