iPhone Official Twitter App Image Editing Options Brings Filters and Effects

One of the most commonly used social networking site Twitter is now updated to provide a 8 different filters and various other options to edit the photo before posting it.

In the previous versions of twitter we were unable to edit the pic and have to use the other editing apps for any minor modification in the photos like cropping or adding any filter effect to the photo.But the latest version of twitter i.e. Twitter Version 5.2 provides you 8 different filters to instantly add a new looks and feel to your photos.

You can add tweet a new post and add the photo with it suing the photo option as highlighted in the below screenshot. This tab will provide you the option to capture the photo or choose an existing photo from the library


Once you select the photo you want to add with you tweet you can find various editing option to make the photo more beautiful. Twitter provide you an option Auto Enhanced Wad, highlighted in the below screen, with which you can make your photos pop with balanced light and colors.


The next option provided here for the Filters powered on photos. Twitter provide 8 Filters and you can apply any one of this eight filters to give a new look to you photo. More importantly it becomes more convenient as we have a grid look where we can compare each view very easily and can also compare by swiping through each version of filters.


Another option provided here is to crop the photo and scale it to the frame to display the pic the way you want.

Bonus Tips: Photo uploaded on Instagram can no longer be viewed on Twitter but the tweeting links to Instagram photos is still available

Due to the issue experienced in viewing the instagram photos on Twitter, Instagram has disable the integration with twitter. So now the photos will no longer be appearing in tweets or user photo gallery but the twitting links to instagram photo will still be available.


With this newly featured twitter apps, it will become very easy to create a beautiful photos and tweet it the way you want. This features like Auto-enhanced wand, multiple filters, and cropping will help us to instantly add the beautiful look and a different feel to our photos.

By Nilesh Khoriya

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