Experience Windows 7 On iPhone [For Jailbroken iPhone’s ]

Jailbreaking your iPhone does bring a lot of advantages as it enables you to tweak it as per your wish. Through Cydia you can download a number of apps and the latest to be found in the list is iWindows.

It is an emulator based on Windows 7 which gives you a feel that you are actually using Windows 7. Although it comes with limited features, it is worth downloading once.


It is an app and not a theme, so you will find it on your home screen as an icon. To start the emulator, press the icon and wait for a few seconds. It looks very much like the windows7 and even the boot screen of the latter has been copied to an extent.


Once the black screen goes off, the very familiar Welcome screen appears and it looks quite nice.


The desktop has a couple of features which completely resemble windows7. For instance , the start menu, the taskbar with a couple of icons pinned, such as the Google Chrome icon, a Notepad icon.


The start menu does not contain anything new or amazing but the same notepad and chrome icons are present in there which could also be accessed from the desktop only. The notepad is a note making app and features three font colours, red, black and green which could be changed before you start typing letters.


The browser is again very limited when it comes to features and it does not support more than open pages at the same time.


Opening a webpage could be a bit tricky since there is no button like go or anything. So to open a particular page, tab on the address bar, enter the address and then hit return button present on the keyboard and the page will load up.


The image provided below explains you what you have to search in Cydia. Go to the search section and enter iwindows without any spaces and the top result with a windows9 logo thumbnail is the emulator.


Conclusion: I like the app giving over just by its looks but when it comes to features it is a serious disappointment. But I hope you will download and try it once.

Our Rating: 2.5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia To Install iWindows

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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