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Fabrik : Stylish eReader App for Android With Cloud Sync

When ever “eBook” word is encountered, we associate it with Amazon. Because the company specialises in this arena. Kindle apps for every platform and the Kindle devices itself has no match. The tight integration provides seamless reading experience throughout the devices but can also cause some annoyance to some readers. And if you are among those readers who are looking out for a fresh and feature rich eBook reader Fabrik is for you to try.

The power if Fabrik reader resides in its integration with the two popular cloud storage services. Drobbox and Google Drive. When you open Fabrik Cloud reader for the first time you will be asked to link either of the two accounts with the Fabrik app.


The app comes bundled with two of the interesting eBooks; The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland. Adding new books should not be headache too. Simply log into your Dropbox account (or Google Drive) and dump the eBook file in its folder.


Reading Experience

Reading experience in the Fabrik was fluid enough. To flip a page, you simple have to swipe right to left. Moving your fingers from top to bottom and vice versa increases or decreases the brightness of the screen.


Tap once in the middle of the screen to get additional options. You can directly jump to chapters from here or bookmark your last read too.


More than 20 fonts are available for you to choose from making reading more soothing. The night mode turns screen into a darker background and lighter text unlike the day mode. You can also enable the read feature in the app. It will read the text for you, making it quiet handy for situations where you can not take out your samrtphone to read and you simple plug in you earphones and enjoy the book.


Highlighting Text and Taking Notes

You can also make notes and highlight text in the app. Simply long tap on the text and you will be promoted with options to search, share or copy the selection.


As mentioned earlier, its not a Kindle killer app but if you are looking for some fresh reading experience you should definitely have a space for this.

Download Fabrik (Cloud eBook Reader) | Google Play Store

By Kamal Nayan

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