Facebook Messenger Gets a new UI and Few New Features

Facebook Messenger has been updated with a new UI for iPhone and Android both and in this post we will talking about the updates in both the platforms. The UI is somewhat similar in both the platforms but there have been certain problem which users have reported in the Chat heads after installing this update. Most of these complaints and problems have been reported in the ratings and reviews section of Android on the Google Play Store and as far iOS version is concerned people are loving the new UI because it completely jells with the new UI of iOS7.


iOS Version of Facebook Messenger

This messenger application completely takes over the chat feature on Facebook, in other words now you will not be able to chat via your Facebook application which is usually used to check out the notifications and newsfeeds. Whenever you tap the messenger section in the Facebook main application then it will take you to the new Facebook Messenger application.



After chatting when you wish to go back to checking the newsfeeds or notifications then you will have to change the application which is somewhat annoying because initially it was much easier to switch between the application and the newsfeeds but they are 2 different applications.


The application now also has the feature to sync with the contacts on your iPhone in order to show you that who all are available on Facebook Messenger.

Android version of Facebook Messenger

The UI is almost similar to what you would have read above in the iPhone section. In the older version any Facebook chat used to open in form of chat heads by now you are using some other application then only the chats will ping as the notifications in form of chat heads and from there you can choose the open to go to the main application to chat or else if you still want to be busy with the current application and then you can reply in chat-head itself and then close it.


When you will see the contacts section of the application, then there you will find that all the friends who are online or active either on their cellphones or on desktop (and this will be clearly mentioned in front of their names). If you do not want to appear like that in anyone of your friend’s Facebook Messenger then you can toggle the button named Active to OFF which make you inactive in other Facebook Messenger application.



Facebook Messenger is slowly increasing the degree of its integration with your smartphone, it has already done that with its application named Facebook Home on the Android devices and now it gets into the contact section for the iPhone users. Please let us know if you face any problem while using this application as we have seen many negative reviews recently for the users who have upgraded their Facebook application (especially for Android users).

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