Yapback: Submit Feedback About Any Business On iPhone [Review]

Now a days when you buy something either online or from a shop, go out somewhere to eat or call authorized dealers to get something services at our home you would always like to provide the feedback about the experience that you had in every case whether it was good or bad. Sometimes you would also like to complain to the respective authorities in case the services provided were below par. The problem that arises every time is that you will have to go through the painful process of searching through the internet and then finding the Email address for the concerned department or the contact person whom you can Email to share your feedback, suggestions as well as problems.

So in order to simplify this process for you i have got an app name Yapback for you which will help you to directly provide the feedback, suggestion or report a complaint about anything that you like or don’t like. This application will send your feedback, suggestion and complaints directly to the concerned people, who in turn are also encouraged to respond for this. You can give rating to any business you want.

Yapback App Review


This is the first screen which will open up when you will launch the application for the first time after installing it from the Apple store. As you can see the application will ask you to login. You can select Signup from the top to create an account and then Login in this application.


When you will select Signup option this screen will open up. You will just have to fill in all these details and after filling all the details you will have to click on the Sign Up button to create the account. After your account gets created you should go back on the Login page and enter the login details and click on the Login button.


This is the screen that will open up after you have successfully logged into this application. On the top left hand corner there is a button which will show you the menu which will have the options to modify your account. Click on the Start Yapping button in order to start giving feedbacks, suggestion and reporting problems.


This is the screen which will open when you will click on the slide out menu button on the top left hand corner. This menu gives you all the options like My YapStream, Profile and Settings to modify your account.


The above screen will open when you will click on the Start Yapping button. The page has various options like :-

New Yap! :- This option will allow you to write a new suggestion, feedback or problem about any store, retailer or restaurant.

Profile:- This option allows you to modify your profile information.

My YapStream :- This option will allow you to see all your Yap’s for a store, retailer or restaurant.

All YapStream :- This option will show you all the Yap’s done by all the people including you for a store, retailer or restaurant.



This screen will open when you will select the New Yap option. This option will give you all the stores, offices, service centers  hotels and restaurants in your locality so that you can Yap about it after selecting any one of it.


This screen will open when you will select one of the store, service centers, restaurant, cafe, office or any thing else you want to Yap about. You can provide the rating to the business using this application. The Please Select drop down will allow you to select what you want to provide i.e Suggestion, feedback or complaint. The Add image will also allow you to add and image to it. You also have the option to provide the feedback anonymously.

Similar Applications

  • Survey Me Now –   This app enables you to capture, record and review the real-time client feedbacks. You can also choose to give you client awards and whatever awards you will choose to give them will appear on their screen immediately when they complete the survey.
  • Fontreport – This app sends your feedback directly to those who can do something about it. The app can be used to get suggestions, praise or critics. You can also provide the feedback anonymously.


According to me Yapback app is the best option in terms of features, GUI and its user friendliness if you are looking for applications in this category. You can also try out the other applications that i have mentioned under similar applications. If you have any comments about the application that i have discussed in this post or if you find any other application for the same purpose apart from the ones that i have listed then please let us know about your reviews from the comments section.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App,

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