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Hide Search Items in Google Search App in Android

In one of our recent posts we informed you about the, not so known, Search By Camera feature of the Google Search Android app. Briefing you once again about the same, the Search By Camera feature, as its name suggests, lets you search something by taking a picture of it. This indeed is very useful at times when you do not know the name of a particular thing.

Now we shall be talking about the Google Search app in a little more detail. While searching for a keyword in the Google Search app you must have noticed that some familiar information appears just below the search bar. The familiar information here refers to the name of a contact which is present on your device, or one of the music files present on the device, or one of the installed applications.

Interestingly, and many of you must be knowing it, while looking for a keyword in the app, say Browser, the search app will display the stock Browser and other third party browsers even before you hit the search button. This happens because the app first looks for apps, contacts, and other information that is already present on your device.

The search app looks for matching information in the following sections of your device:

  • Installed and Pre-installed Applications
  • Browser – Including bookmarks and web history
  • People – Names of your Contacts
  • Play Books (this is new)
  • Play Music – Including Artists, albums, and tracks

At times, this feature comes in very handy but what if you do not want the Search app to display your bookmarks, or your Contact names, or Installed applications, for privacy reasons ? In the following guide we will be telling you how to allow the search app to look into only some of the sections.

Step 1: You need to have the Google Search app installed on your device. Now launch the app.


Step 2: Tap on the Settings button present on the bottom right corner.


Step 3: On the settings page, navigate to Phone Search (the third option from the top)


Step 4: Under Phone Search you have all the sections as shown in the image below. The corresponding checkboxes are already checked which means the app will look into the selected locations. You can uncheck the locations you wish to omit from the search results.



By default, all the locations are checked and it is recommended too, as sometimes the required information may be present on your device, but it will not be displayed if you have impose restrictions under the Phone Search section. Use this feature as per your requirement.

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