Filter Spam Messages, Privately Chat With People On Your Android Phone With Anti Spam SMS & Private Box

Earlier we had reviewed an app called as SMS Blocker for blocking spam messages on android smartphones and today we will review the next message filtering app. Known as Anti Span SMS & Private Box, the app is free on the android market and is one good piece of work by its developers. Although we have reviewed the free version only which offers less features as compared to the SMS Blocker, it is worth giving a try as it is new and efficient.

The interface is extremely user friendly and is very simple to get used to. We have three buttons on the top, a power button, a settings button and a private box button. The power button has been provided to turn on/off the app’s functionality.


The settings button has three sections, blacklist, whitelist and password. The Whitelist feature is not available in the free version of the app so unfortunately we could review that particular part, though the blacklist and password features are still available.


The blacklist is a list of numbers from which incoming messages will be blocked. So to get started with the app one has to configure the blacklist first and add some unwanted numbers to it. Under the same on the main screen we have a block keywords space and block numbers space with an add and search button. Through these spaces you can input certain keywords which will be blocked and also type a name or number to be blocked. Just enter the desired thing and  press the + button to add the number to the list.


If you want to add the number from the contacts, call logs or SMSs, press the search button next to +. Now from the tabs, one can select the desired number. The last Custom tab is a caller ID feature and is only available on the pro version of the app.


In case you want a a quick filter to be enabled irrespective of the numbers which get blocked then you can switch on the Numbers not in Contacts option and then SMSs from all the numbers not existing in your contact list will get blocked.


Under the Password section, you can set a password for your Private chat box which we are going to talk about later in the post.


The private box, the last button on the right, is a section where you can hide your private messages and when you add a contact to it, all the messages from and to the same number will be removed from the stock message inbox and will added to the private box list. The disappeared messages then will only appear in the private box and you can continue your talk from here and no one would ever come to know. Also the set password is used to access the private box, so you do not have worry if someone tries to explore this app on your device.


To add a contact to the private box, first open it using the password, then again press the bubble button on the right and in the pop up space you can add the desired name or number.


Additional options can be accessed from the main screen by press the menu key. Restore all and Delete all are the two useful options. The first one restores all the messages in the private box to the stock message inbox while the delete all removes all the blocked  numbers.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 2.0 and up.

Conclusion: Really good app and I liked the private box feature a lot. Wish they could have offered the Whitelist feature in the free version

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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