Find Out State, City of Mobile Phone Number In India On Android Phone

There are times in our personal lives when we would like to know about the location of the caller, especially for someone bothering us or to find out if the caller(friend, colleague, business partner, family person, etc) is being truthful about his/her location. We can use some mobile apps that can make that possible for us. One such great app is ShaPlus Mobile Info(India) app for your Android devices. The app is for only STD and ISD calls, not for the local calls. And for calls being made from Landlines, the state and the city will be shown. For the mobile calls, the state and the name of the mobile operator will be indicated. whereas in case of ISD(International) calls, only the country will be known.

Its pretty simple to use the app. When you get started, it asks you for the first 5 digits of the mobile number or the STD code. You enter it, and you’ll get your info.


The Main feature of this app is its Call Log. It will show all the missed calls, outgoing calls and incoming calls showing Indian state ( and city also for landline, operator for mobiles) for Indian numbers and country for international numbers. You can also directly call the entries in the call log.


Also features an optional STD Prefixer to call local landline numbers without dialing the STD code. When enabling STD Prefixer in Settings, you have to enter local STD code also.


And by long clicking home screen and choosing Shortcuts->ShaPlus Call log, you’ll get the shortcut to the Call Log on the home screen(For Android 4.0 or newer, ShaPlus Call log can be found in Widgets tab in Apps listing screen). Then in the Settings section, you can make many favorable settings and make the app more desirable like ‘number of entries to load in the call log’, ‘which call log to be shown initially when you go for the call log’, and more.


The app covers a good range of mobile operators and good number of regions within the country. Just note that in case of mobile numbers, the info about the name of the operator will be accurate only for the mobile numbers that are not ported using Mobile number portability(MNP).

You can also use the Mobile number Checker(India) app for the same. But this one covers only the mobile numbers and not the landline numbers like in ShaPlus above. The app is updated with latest data covering across 119 crore Indian mobile number details. Also includes 7xxx and 8xxx series. There is also a added support to find out the ISD code of any country.


Another similar app in the market is Phone To Location. This app resolves telephone numbers in your call list to its geographic location and automatically notifies you about the geographic location of incoming call number. It will list the City/State and the operator the number belongs to. It enables you to browse your contacts sorted by their geographic location. The app has a very appealing home screen with very good looking widgets. The trial version expires in 30 days and the full licensed version can be bought for $0.99(USD) through PayPal.


One more very simple and effective app to trace the location and the operator of an unknown number on your mobile device is the Mobile Number Tracker(India). Again, this app doesn’t include the landline and International numbers. In the settings section, just 2 simple offers for the users – One, notify the caller info for incoming call and Two, Duration of the notification.  It shows caller info during incoming call. The MNP ported numbers are not traceable by the app.


These are few best picks form the android market for the above discussed requirement. However, one best possible thing could have been the mention of the exact current location of the caller (i.e. in roaming mode) by these apps. But that’s not possible as the information is private to the Caller and the Operator.

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