Find Samsung Mobile Phone Related News, Events, Press Releases On Android Phone With Dedicated App

After Apple the one manufacturer which has been able to give Indian customers a series of smart gadgets is Samsung and if you are a Samsung fan and love to track the latest happenings in its stable then you can download an app for this on your android smart phone. Samsungmobile Unpacked is an app about Samsung and its products and gives you every possible detail on the same.

The main interface is simple and has six sections which are Event Schedule, Event Location, Teaser, Unpacked Live, Press Release and New Product.


The event schedule section has all the details regarding an upcoming event along with the date and time and month. It also displays the venue of the event.


The second feature is the Event Location where you can find the venue of the event on the map and the app will locate it.


The next is the teaser section where it will redirect you to the youtube page of the following product and show the officical teaser.


Then it is the On Air feature telling you about the Unpacked live and the time and date when it be disclosed.


The press release section has the press releases for all the events which you can read.


The new product section is the most interesting one where you get to know all the new products, get a first glance of them. here we have the features listed below


The section also features the official technical specifications right next to the features tab for the product.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 2.1 and up.

Conclusion: If you are a true Samsung and its products’ fan, this app is for you

Our Rating: 3.5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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