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I have been using an Android phone for months and one of the biggest problems i face is that I am unable to locate the apps, files and folders which occupy the maximum amount of space. One of the solutions for checking how much space an app is occupying, one can go to Settings>Manage Applications and from there sort the list by size but again when it comes to folders created in your Phone or SD data card even the sorting does not help to an extent.

DiskUsage is a great app which separately lets you see how much space has been occupied by the respective folders and apps on your android device. Its is extremely easy to use, very user friendly and also is way more convenient than using any other similar app. Once you get the app installed and open it for the first time, it asks you whether you wish to the see your app storage including all the applications or the Storage card data. So whichever you like, you can select that option.


The app displays all the apps and folders in the form of cells. First you have the main Data block, then the applications, system data and free space and lastly the list of all the apps along with their respective apk files.

Diskusage 1

The  interface is really nice. On the top you see the amount of space free on the respective storage SD card or apps storage. Tapping on a particular app cell or folder expands the same so it, along with its content, is visible clearly. If its hard to see all the cells on the very screen of the device, you can use your two fingers and pinch to zoom in or zoom out, as you do with the photos or webpages.

Diskusage 2

In the app storage section it also allows you to sort these apps. To do it, press the menu button and you will see a couple of options from where you have to select FILTER. In the same you will find options like Select Apps, Select Storage, Show Apk, Show data and Show DalvikCache.

Diskusage 8

From select apps option you can can select whether you want to see the apps which are on phone, sd card or both.

Diskusage 9

The second option Select storage lets you see the apps installed in phone memory, SD card memory or both again.

Diskusage 10

If you now want to see the SD card storage table hit back until you see the very first screen with those two options of app storage and storage card and select it.

Diskusage 3

This is the contracted view of all the tables which I did by pinching with my two fingers.

Diskusage 4

Here again you have a couple of options like search, software rendered, delete, rescan etc which could be accessed by hitting the menu key.

Diskusage 5

To search any app or folder, go to search and start entering the letters and it will efficiently the find the same. To delete a particular folder or app, tap on its sell then press menu and use the delete button.

Diskusage 6

Finally the software renderer option is another one where the view is slightly tweaked and instead of glowing colourful boxes, you would se simple tables in black and white.

Diskusage 7

App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 1.0 and up.

Conclusion: The app is nice and works well and helps you find the bulkier folders and apps instantly

Our Rating: 4 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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