Firefox For Android Does Not Record History If You Use Private Browsing Tab

Private browsing is necessary these days, sometimes when you use any of your friend’s gadget to login to personal social account, you do not want anything to be saved on that device or you want to open teo Google Account simultaneously on your phone or desktop and similar other situations where you want to browse as a foreigner to the device and at the same you do not want anything to be saved on your phone while browsing, that is situation where private browsing come into play.

Google Chrome has this feature available on their browser for Android and iOS platform both and even Safari has got this mode of browsing on iPhone. Mozilla Firefox has finally rolled this thing out on their Android application. Now when it comes to Safari browser then we have a complete mode to switch, once we start that private browsing mode, the whole application will work in private mode only and you will not be able to open any normal tab while working in that mode but Mozilla has got private-per-tab browsing which will enable you browse normally and you will be able to open a tab with the private mode.

Open the application and then press the soft key for the options list. Tap the option named as new Private Tab.


You will see the screens mentioned below, enter the address in the address bar and then your private browsing will start.


So that’s the way you can do the private browsing using your Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox has the most clean and best UI of all the browsers available on the Play Store and the lack of this feature has pushing the users away to the Google Chrome. For using this feature update your Mozilla Firefox browser to the latest version

By Abhinav Singh

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