[Solved] Cannot Charge iPhone Using A Car Charger, iPod Charger Or External Wall Charger

One of our readers tried charging his iphone using the ipod power wall charger and he was successful in doing the same, but many times he used to see the error on the iphone screen that this accessory is not made to work with iphone and iphone charging stopped every time, in order to fix this he used to unplug the cable and then re plug it into the iphone charging of iphone get started again.

This Accessory Is Not Made To Work With iPhone

One other reader who has been using a car charger most of time while travelling got this error when iphone does not charge anymore with its old car charger which used to work perfectly and still works with other iphone, but now it throws the error most of time when he tries to connect his iphone for charging from car battery using the old branded company car charger.

Charging Is Not Supported With This Accessory On Your iPhone

There are many methods to solve these kinds of problem occurring with your iphone, you can try the methods mentioned below as per the nature of your problem.

Fix Charging Stopped With iPhone Using Wall Charger or iPod Charger

In most of the cases this problem may occur when you are using the iPod wall charger which has a ipod touch or iphone style connector at one end and Power charger on the other end like the one shown in the video below.

Now when you are charging using ipod or wall charger using this kind of cable, you just need to unplug the cable and plug it back in after 1-2 seconds and most of the time you will see your iphone or ipad starts charging again. If you still see the iphone or ipad does start charging, try some other power port and it should work in most of the cases, still if it does not work then follow the solution below.

Charge Your iPhone Using A Universal Charging Adaptor and iPhone USB Cable

You can also charge your iphone any model from 2G to 4S or higher as well using Universal USB Power Adaptor and iPhone USB Data cable, for this you will need to buy a USB Power adaptor separately from your local market near by your place or you can look over some of them at this link [ ] or this link [ ] – Once you have go the charger you can connect the USB data cable with USB 2.0 port and other end will go into the iphone or ipad and then you can connect the arrangement to power port to charge your iphone.

Please Note: The USB Power Adaptor you buy should not give output more or less than 1 Ampere of current, as it then it might be able to charge your iphone or may throw more current that could be harmful for your apple device.

apple usb power adaptor

Please Note: [ I am suggesting this way as the genuine apple USB power adaptor comes quite costly in most the countries ]

Fix iPhone Does Not Charge By Doing SSH On Your Phone and Replace Contents Of IPAD System File

We also got emails from some users who were saying  they are facing the yellow exclamation mark with a message charging is not supported with this accessory as shown in the image below.

Charging Stopped On iPhone

After some searching we found more solutions some of them are really geeky, so it on your whether you want to try the same. In case if you want to get rid of the error saying “Charging is not supported with this accessory” and make your iphone continue charging you can do it by following the complete tutorial, making sure that when you do this your iphone should be connected to internet or Watch the video below to know how its done using a PC by connecting your iphone to computer.

Hardware Fix For Charging Not Supported Error On iPhone [ For 3G and 3GS Not Sure if It Works With iPhone 4 and 4s ]

If you are enough confidence to open your iphone, you should follow the guide by John who explains how to fix it by removing the hardware logic behind this error. Follow this guide at your own risk.

Fix Cannot Charge iPhone By Installing a Cydia Tweak Called Pop Up Blocker

Another way to fix this problem by installing a tweak from cydia called Pop Up Blocker which actually blocks the error message from appearing on iphone touch screen when you try to charge your iphone with some other charger. But this tweak works for following firmware as tested (2g,3g,3gs and 4) for the firmwares Greater than 2.0 …so its works for 2.0,2.0.1 ,2.0.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, 3.0 , 3.0.1 ,3.1, 3.2 ,3.2.1 , 3.2.2 , 4.0 , 4.1, 4.2,4.3 , 4.3.1 FWs not tested on higher firmware but may work.

Watch the video below to know how to apply this fix on your iphone.

Another Video Talking About The Fix Of iPhone Charging Problem

We hope after watching all the videos above, you might be able to fix this problem if still you haven’t been able to solve this please let us know through comments, we will let you know some other solution as we find them.

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