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[Solved] Repair iPhone Power Lock Broken Button Guide

This problem is becoming quite common among different iphone users when the power lock button on their iphone stopped working, most of iphone 4, 4s and 3gs users has faced this problem on their iphone. Some users say the power / sleep key on iphone suddenly becomes difficult to press and for some of the people the power button got stuck and does not come out, so it becomes unusable.

If you are facing a similar power lock button problem on your iphone, you can try going to apple store for a free replacement or if you are out of warranty you then you are out of luck and you will need to shell out around $150 for he lock button issue to be fixed by replacing a new lock button on your iphone.

Can I Use My iPhone Without Power Button?

Short answer to this question is no, there is no way you can use an iphone with a broken or not working power or lock button. So if you don’t fix it it may make your iphone a brick which you can’t even power on with the unresponsive power button on the top.

Hardware Fix To Repair Damaged iPhone Power Button

Just to let you now there two ways with fix the broken power button on iphone you will either need to buy a new power button for your iphone and replace it yourself or get it replaced and second way is little easier, that is you will need to fix the iphone power button yourself without paying for anything, but you will need some courage to do this.

Disclaimer –  Do not attempt the solutions below, if your iphone is under warranty or if it not. You are responsible for your action, We are not responsible for any damaged done to your iphone after following the fixes below.

Fixing Power Button on iPhone 4 or 4S

You will first need to buy a Power Lock Button for your iPhone 4 or 4s you can either buy it at this page and watch the video below to know how to fix this on your iphone.


you can buy the Power Lock button from this page and then follow the guide at this link

Free Way To Fix iPhone Power Lock Button

To whoever his power button is broken I have an easier fix. Just fold a printer paper in half and by using a punch hole opener (perforator) punch a hole on it. Then take the two circular little pisses of paper that have been punched and slide them in between the rubber part and metal power button as you can see in the video below.

Fixing Power Button on iPhone 3g or 3GS

If this is happening on your iphone 3g or 3gs, you can buy the power lock button at this page and follow the fix it guide here or you can try the work around shown in the video below.

Some other video which might help you fix your iphone lock power button is below, you can watch it to get better better info on how to repair the broken iphone power lock key.

If you still face issues in solving this iphone problem, leave a comment below through the comment section.

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