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[Solved] Galaxy S3 Screen Goes Black And Unresponsive During Calls

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best smartphones ever created and clocked enormous sales last year. Packing a powerful processor and a huge screen, it did not take much time for the phone to become the next most desirable gadget for smartphone consumers across the globe.

But being an ultimate android device does not mean it will not create any trouble for users. One of the most talked about problems being faced by people on the S3 is when one makes a call or leaves a voice message. While many new buyers started facing this problem as soon as they started using their S3, many reported the same issue after updating the Android OS. Let us now discuss the problem in detail in the next paragraph.

One of my friends had this problem on his S3 wherein when he made a call or attended a call, the screen would become black and would not even respond no matter what buttons you press, until the person on the other end of the call hangs up. This is a serious problem for the following reasons:

  • When the screen goes black while in a call, you cannot make any entries on the keyboard
  • When the screen goes black while in a call, you cannot navigate to any screens

Even the voicemail feature does not function properly if you have the screen blackout problem. So what can you do about it?

The Solution

This may sound funny but actually the problem is related to a feature which which is enabled by default, and if you disable the feature the problem disappears instantly. The Galaxy S3 has a feature called ‘Auto Screen Off During Calls’ which causes the screen to go black and not respond during phone calls. So to disable it follow the steps give below:

  • Open Phone app
  • Now press the Menu button, the one on the phone’s lower left corner
  • Now look for Call Settings and tap on it
  • Under Call Settings, uncheck “Auto Screen Off During Calls”

That’s it, you are done. Now you can make calls without any hesitation and can do anything during a call.

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