Folder Lock Pictures On Your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Security of your pictures on your apple device has been a major concern for many of the users and that is why today we felt that we must review a free app which would secure your photos from others. Photo Privacy, the name of the app, is a utility which is complete in all senses and will definitely be liked by you. The interface is simple to get adapted to , though it contains a lot of buttons. The interface has 5 folders by default with a couple of options on the top and bottom like server, search, favorites, trash, settings, new, edit etc.

Since we are reviewing a free app, a lot of features will be unavailable which I will tell you about while the review continues. With new you can create a new folder, give it a name and also set a passcode for it.


To add passcode or change the name of an existing folder, press the edit button and then the small blue  button to enter the settings. You can also press the button with a cross to delete a folder.


As mentioned above for a new folder here you can change the name, enter a passcode and also move the folder to another existing folder.


When you have added a passcode to a folder a lock will appear on it assuring you that it is now secure with a password.


Moving into a folder now, you will have a couple of new buttons at the bottom. With import you can either import your photos in bulk from your camera roll or iTunes(in-app purchase feature, not available for free). This import from photos feature allows multiple selections at once. The Old Imp. feature is similar to the other import feature but the difference is that here when you tap on any picture from the camera roll, it will be immediately imported unlike in the other where you have to select multiple photos and then press import.


Once you have added a couple of pictures to a folder, you can also sort them by date, size, name etc. You can also add a fresh photo directly from the your camera and can also create a new folder in an existing folder.


One can see an edit button on the top which allows you to access additional options. Press share and you have the power to share the picture with your facebook and twitter friends, P2P transfer to secure servers also allowed through this app. Select multiple photos and you can export them to your camera roll and also copy or move them from actions. You can also change the cover of a folder by selecting upto four pictures.


Tap on a picture and you will get all the above options but in a separate window.It will also display the size, name and date when the picture was imported. And yes one can also play a slideshow from here.


App settings can be accessed from the main screen and it contains master passcode, backing up of master passcode, slideshow settings, facebook and twitter login etc.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Conclusion: It secures pictures in the very app only and does not removes the pictures from the stock photos app, which is a disappointment. Still you give it a try

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No , Download Similar App For Android From here ]

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