Force Run, Install Apps On SD Memory Card On Android Phone

Android devices are really making it big in the industry but do have a few negative points which are of utmost concern. Most importantly these devices do not have grebiat internal memory or phone memory and unlike apple devices, they can’t store a huge number of applications. To do so we have to install an SD card but it is useless as the apps cannot be installed in the SD card’s memory by default and all applications are installed in the phone memory.

This is a big problem since many a times even i have to remove a number of applications first, to install a new application or set of applications. App2SD is a an amazingly helpful utility and it will definitely help you manage the space in your android device’s phone memory. After getting the app installed, it will let you transfer any app installed in the phone memory to SD card’s memory or vice versa.


On the main screen, it has three tabs, On Phone, On SD card and Phone Only. The On Phone section contains the list of apps which are currently installed in the phone memory and can be transferred to SD card. The On SD section, as the name says, has the list of all the apps in the SD card. Here i have been using the app for quite some time now, so i have most of the apps already transferred to the memory card.


The Phone Only section has the apps which can only run when installed in the phone memory and cannot be transferred.


Now explaining you the procedure of transferring an app from phone to SD card or vice versa, first go to the desired app which should be found in the On Phone list and tap on it. On the next page you will see the apps name and a few options like Force Stop, Uninstall etc under it. Just below them is Move to SD Card, so press it and your app will immediately be moved to your memory card. In case you want to bring an app back to Phone memory, tap on the app’s name as you did just now, and instead of Move to SD Card, you will see Move To Phone. Hit the button and you are all done.


One can also sort the apps by name , size and date in ascending and descending orders respectively. Press the menu button and the small section at the bottom with a couple of options will appear and from there you can select sort.


It also lets you clear the cache memory, will also occupies some space in the phone memory and is unwanted, most of the times. So again hit menu button and press clear cache


It also has a couple of options under the settings section. From there you can enable or disable notifications for moving a newly installed apps, save sort-by type as default for each time you open the app, share it etc.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 2.2 and up.

Conclusion: The app works brilliantly and i hope it does help you free up your device’s internal memory

Our Rating: 4 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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