Free Way To Copy Songs & Videos From PC To iPhone With iDevice Manager

We recently came to know about a very interesting explorer for your iPhone, so today we will be reviewing it for you. Formerly known as iPhone Explorer, the iDevice Manager is a feature rich explorer that lets you provide a free way to copy songs & videos from PC to iPhone and  do a number of jobs with much ease. There are three sections at the top of the interface: Multimedia, Messages and Service.

Each of the tabs have a couple of sub sections. The multimedia tab consists of sections like music, multimedia, camera, ringtone, ringtone editor,storage and file explorer. The Messages tab consists of mail, messages from where you can download your mails and SMSs to your computer.

free way to copy songs & videos from PC to iPhone

Coming to the multimedia section we have a number of sub-sections as mentioned above. Under Music and Movies you can see a list of the files in your library and can instantly download these files to your computer. Under Camera, you can view your pictures present in your photos app and can download them to your computer. There is also a preview pane on the right hand side so that you can view the picture before you download it.

iPhone iDevice Manager 1

Under ringtones, the explorer will list all the ringtones and you download them as well.

iPhone iDevice Manager 2

The ringtone editor section lets you create ringtones of your choice either from the audio library or an external audio file.

iPhone iDevice Manager 3

Lastly we have the File Explorer section. This is similar to what softwares like FileZilla and WinSCP do.

iPhone iDevice Manager 4

That’s not all as it has many more features which you can explore once you use this manager.

App Requirements: iTunes and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Download iDevice Manager From Here

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