Full Screen Launcher For Android Phone 3D Folders & Brings All Apps In One Page Flow

Full Screen Launcher is a 3D launcher designed for Android that would completely change the appearance of your home screen to such an extent that you will hate switching back to your boring current one.

Some of the unique features of this launcher enlist beautiful icons with reflection, 3D folders in the form of rotating cubes whose each side displays the consisting icons, application shortcuts widgets and the most important a never ending wall which replaces all the screens into one.

Full Screen Launcher Android 7

As seen in the image above, the homescreen now has no screens and instead sports a single wall which is unending and you can add widgets, folders, shortcuts here. As you can see a small rotating cube at the top end with Games label is there which is a folder. The sides of the cube carry a question mark as it does not contain any icons inside but when added the question marks will be replaced by the thumbnail images of the icons present inside.

Full Screen Launcher Android 2

In this image i the icons have become shorter and the wall at the back is more pronounced. The size of the icons can be decreased by pressing the back button once or you can use your fingers and pinch zoom in or out to increase or decrease the size of the screen. On the same screen above you can see three small transparent icons at the bottom of which the left one is for accessing the stock phone app, the middle one to open the app drawer and the right one for the browser.

The icons fade out after a couple of seconds but you can tap on the screen to bring them back. The app drawer shortcut is also available on the main screen with the label All Apps. Press it and you will come to know why this launcher is so unique. All the icons of the installed apps will now be showcased on one wall and while scrolling on either side you will experience full 3D experience. To get back to the main screen press the small home button at the bottom of the screen and to decrease the screen size press the back button.

Full Screen Launcher Android 9

Your contacts will also be displayed in a similar manner.

Full Screen Launcher Android 8

To app also allows you to tweak itself by a number of options available in the launcher settings which can be accessed by pressing the menu key on the homescreen.

Full Screen Launcher Android 1

Under settings you have Design, Behavior and System settings.

Full Screen Launcher Android 3

In design settings you can change the tile decoration from icons with no labels or labels on top or on bottom etc. One can also enable or disable tiles reflection effect, display wall and dock bar.

Full Screen Launcher Android 4

Under behavior you can enable or disable snap camera and snap zoom effects.

Full Screen Launcher Android 5

Lastly under the system settings you can clear the cache generated by the launcher to ensure smooth operation all the time.

Full Screen Launcher Android 6

The launcher supports both landscape and portrait orientation and is extremely beautiful. Although the free version displays annoying ads at the top of the screen, the free version is worth a download and if you like it you can go for the paid version available for a mere $2.82.

App Requirements: Compatible with all android devices. Requires android 2.2 or later.

Conclusion: Feels like a breath of fresh air. Is more appealing than other available launchers. Do try it

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For iPhone – No ]

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