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FX File Explorer Offers Dual Pane, Multi Window Experience On Android

We are all aware of the size of the app ecosystem for Android and for each type there are plenty of options available. Talking about file explorers in specific, there are way too many apps to look forward to and for sure each of them offers something different and innovative. However the most simple and easy to use file manager according to us is ES File Explorer.

But wait, we have got a new and even more interesting file explorer for you called FX File Explorer. FX File Explorer is free and offers most of the features that ES File Explorer does, but the reason where it stands out is because of features such as multiple windows, dual pane view, and easy file selection. On top of that one can get root-level file management for free via an add-on, while network and cloud support is available as a paid add-on.

How To Use FX File Explorer

Head to Google Play Store and download FX File Explorer. On launching the app you are presented with a differently style interface that contains your main Download folder and bookmarked folders, system storage and main storage, and available & installed add-ons. At the bottom you have three buttons: View, Settings, and Tabs. If you tap on the View button, you will get the options to change the default theme and even customize the look and feel of the home page.

Tap on any of the sections and the contained files and folders will be listed immediately in a grid view, along with special thumbnail icons to indicate their respective relevance.


On long pressing a file or folder the explorer directly brings up the available actions in a pop up window. From here you can open it in a different app, archive it, go through the details, send it, move it, and do a lot more. Tapping on the View button inside a folder will get you the options to change the display type, sort the files, activate multiple selection, etc.


In order to open multiple windows or the dual pane view you will have to tap on the button present at the bottom right corner (one with two tabs). From here you can open a new window, split the view (dual pane view), and even close all the applications. When you open multiple windows, all of them will be displayed in the same pop-up menu under Open Windows (look at the first image below).


Coming back to the homescreen now you also have a settings button present at the bottom from where you can open the app’s settings page, get help, search for a file or folder, etc. From under the settings you can again configure the homescreen and enable / disable features, look for file management options, etc.


Last but not the least as I had mentioned above the app comes with a couple of add-ons that could prove useful for many users. For rooted users there is a Root Access add-on that is available for free while users looking for premium features can go for the FX Plus add-on pack.



It is undoubtedly one of the best and most innovative file managers available in the Play Store. In fact we would consider it as the ultimate file manager till date for Android. Go ahead and try it.

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