Get Location, Email, SMS And Picture Of Lost iPhone

We are quite concerned about our apple device and do not want to lose it or misplace it. Solely because there is an appreciable amount of personal data including contacts, pictures, videos, emails etc, present on the phone which should not get into the hands of anyone else.

Find My iPhone is a free app available on the app store that, in case of misplacement or theft, lets you locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac on a map, displays a message on the screen, play a sound for two minutes at full volume (even if your device is set to silent), remotely locks your device and remotely wipes your device to erase your personal data by using another apple device.

For jailbroken devices iCaughtU is a great tweak that is free on Cydia and if you want additional features you can install iCaughtU Pro.


Just download it from Cydia store and install. The first thing you need to do next is go to your stock iPhone settings and configure the app. It will also display a small message on the screen to advice you the same.


Under settings you can easily find iCaughtU listed with the other apps.


Before you get going you need to fill in the various sections with the required details. You can add your email, SMS number to which an message will be sent when the password is incorrect, set number of fail attempts after the app should do its job. You also have toggle buttons for details like location, time and SMS that you wish to receive.


The Pro version also lets you set alerts and actions to be performed if the device has been stolen and switched off.


Just to give you an idea, in the image below you can see a text message i had received on entering the wrong passcode for my iPhone. Similarly an email would also be received having detailed information about your device.


Note: To enable the app first you need to activate the license which you can do by navigating to Settings>iCaughtU Pro> License.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Conclusion: Good tweak but i wish it had data wiping feature.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia To Install This App

For non-jailbroken iPhones Download Find My iPhone From here

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