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Get Nexus 5 Feel On Any Android Phone [Launcher, Camera,Hangouts,Keyboards APK]


Google Nexus range is in real. It gets launched quietly, without much fanfare and blows away its competitors completely in terms of price and quality. However the debate Android Vs iOS is not what we are here to discuss about. But some great stuffs for Android lovers.


Its have been just hours since the Nexus 5 is officially launched with sporting Android 4.4 KitKat and folks all around already have its native launchers, updated email, search, keyboard, bunch of stock KitKat wallpapers and many more.

Google Play Services And Launcher

In order to install these Nexus 5 applications (as updates) you first need to install Google Play Services 4.0, Google Search and Google Home whose links are mentioned below. Google Home is the new default launcher which is an extremely improved (obviously) version with unlimited home-screen and easily accessible Google Now.

Other Apps

Once you have installed the above apps prior, you are ready to install these applications designed for Nexus 5 on your android phone. The links are mentioned below.


Nexus 5 also comes with bunch of beautiful and minimalistic wallpapers. We liked the “pinky” mountains. Let us know what’s yours.

Before you begin installing these apks, here is a piece of warning from our side. These apks are not official and you need to side-load these applications at your own risk. As far as we are concern, we have been playing around with all the above apks on Android 4.2.1 and we are pretty satisfied.

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