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We all know there is strong rivalry between Apple and Google and this cold war has been affecting both apple device users and android users. One of the major problems is the availability of some important & exclusive applications such as Google Docs which is available on android but not on the iOS.

Until a few days back there was no such app concerned with Google Docs but now we have PowerDocs, which is a client of GDocs and completely imitates the original one along with many added features.


Initially you must sign in with your Gmail account after which you will be taken to the very first interface of PowerDocs. On the top you have four buttons, Home, Refresh, Stop and Settings. Pressing the home button will open the main page of your docs, the refresh button could be used to refresh the list, as usual stop button is to terminate loading a page and the settings button is the one which offers endless features to play with which we will come later to.


From the very screen you can also access other services like picasa, reader etc by pressing the more button on the right top corner. To modify the read and write permissions of any of the documents, you can tap on the check box on the left side of each of the app and then use the share button at the bottom. Similarly one can also print these documents by selecting first and then hitting the print button.


In case you are not content with the mobile version page of the app, you can also switch to the Desktop version by tapping on desktop at the bottom of the page.


As I mentioned earlier the settings button has a number of features to offer, which are broadly divided into three main options, Google Docs, Local Docs Management and Clear Saved Account Info. I hope there is no need to explain the third option so we will start with the first one labeled as Google Docs.


Once authenticated the feature will make a list of all your documents present on the web.


From here you can select some files and then download it by hitting the first small thumbnail present on the top.


To delete a document one can use the center button at the top with a cross sign. You can also see the modification date of a document by selecting it first, going to the settings button then tapping on modification date.


To download any documents to your phone you can do it in a similar way as I explained you how to see the modification dates. Select the doc, press settings and select download selected files.


To access Local documents which you have downloaded, go to the home screen of the app and go to settings and then you can find the option for Local Docs Management. Locally you can perform a number of operations like uploading files in the form of docs or OCR, rename files, delete file and many others.


From the same local screen you can also upload pictures directly to you web account and extract text out of them through Google OCR technology and you can also mail those documents.


Key Features Of PowerDocs

  • Upload docs from your iPhone/iTouch to google docs anytime and anywhere
  • Supports open-in feature, you can open the supported data from mail, safari or some other APPs that supported open-in feature; Also allow other APPs to open local docs.
  • Search feature supported, help you find out the docs easily.
  • Bulk upload supported, you can select multiple files at a time and upload them successively.
  • Bulk download and bulk delete are also available.
  • Whenever you take a photo, you can upload to your google docs immediately! If your photo was taken from some text, you can convert it to text directly by using google’s OCR technology!
  • Anytime you want to edit your google docs online, just take out your iPhone/iTouch and Tap the “Edit” button.
  • Download the google docs to local and view them offline.
  • Download the google docs and mail them as attachments.
  • Create docs/spreadsheets online and download them to local for viewing or mailing.
  • Easily view your docs’ revisioin info & thumbnail.
  • Screen rotation supported.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Conclusion: It is a great app with a lot of powerful features to let you do almost anything with your docs.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: $0.99 | Visit App Store Link To Install PowerDocs

[ This app comes for android – No, You Can Download Official Google Docs App From here ]

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