[Review] Google Keep for iPhone [Web App]

Google Keep has been released in the best mode for the web interface and it has fewer features as compared to the version of Google Keep Android application available on the Play Store. The features available on Google Keep Android application is more than that of available on its web interface and as of now you cannot get this app on the Apple App Store (as it might be stuck in the long approval procedure of Apple App Store) and that why we are here to provide you the alternative for that.

Like other Google services offered to the iPhone users through web application on their Safari browser. Google Keep is available through that same way, you will just have to enter on your safari browser and then you will be able to see the Google Keep web application.


As you can see the screenshot which displays the template in which the notes will be displayed on your iPhone.


You can see the various fields on a new note which are supposed to be used to create these notes. The color filler can be used to prioritize the notes. For Example you can use the red color to mark a note which is supposed to be dealt as of now. Title will store the heading of the note and then the Text section has the details of the note. The ‘choose image’ icon will help you to upload the images on the note.


These are all the features which are available in the note and as you can see a different icon on the note section in the screenshot mentioned below which can help you to add the checklist instead of notes.

So that’s the way you can use the Google Keep and for quickly accessing this application you can create the shortcut on your iPhone. As of you now this web application does not have the feature of sharing a note on any of the social networks but we expect this feature to come some.

By Abhinav Singh

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