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Take Instant Notes on Android Using Voice, Picture or Text

When it comes to taking notes, there is no OS in the world that doesn’t ship this application in-built. Uber cool Mac OS’s “Notes” app, Windows all in one cross platform OneNote program. And when these apps were looking featherweight, the Evernote offered something that no one could refuse.

Its Extremely Simple to Use

But some complain of complexity in these note taking apps. Well if so is your problem, Google Keep might be the app you must be looking for. The plain and simple, you will be blown away by its sheer simplicity. Size of the app weighs just 1.15 MB and the price is free.

Google Keep Interface
Google Keep Interface

Within minutes it will be ready for taking notes once you assign a gmail account to it. The app is entirely clutter free and you can start adding your notes right at the welcome screen. Either you can simply write a normal note or compose a note with a heading. All your notes will be visible in the tiles format making it extremely easier to classify. You can even switch to single view from multi column view from the options menu. You are provided with options like a simple note (with or without heading), or an audio note, or a to do task list or even a note with a picture.


Customisation Options
Customisation Options

Not much customization is available as of now and the most you can do is change the colors of your notes to nine different shades. Except this customization you are not allowed to change even the default serif font used by the app. A Keep widget is added at the home screen which opens up the main app blazingly fast for taking notes.

Access Google Keep Notes From  the Web Interface

The Keep app by Google also offers you to add or view notes form the web interface. Simply go to (Make sure you are signed into the same account as that you were using at your phone). There either you can add new notes or view your already saved notes.

There are many things that we wished Google Keep could do but it doesnt and that’s the beauty. If you are looking for an app that only takes note go for Google Keep.

By Kamal Nayan

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