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Google Search Using Camera on Android

Google is the first word that strikes to your mind when you want to search something over the internet. On a regular basis, Google Search is used by millions and with the introduction of dedicated Google Search app for iOS and Android, the reach has been extended by a considerable size.

The latest iteration of Google Search app for Android features speech to text feature with the help of which one can search something just by speaking it in the mic. This is quite helpful when you do not want to type a word as you can just say it, and the app will do the rest. But only a few of you must be knowing the fact that the same app also consists of a feature wherein you can look for something over Google, by clicking pictures.

Yes it is very true. Now you can get the information about an object, monument, person, etc, by clicking a picture of the same with the official Google Search app. If you didn’t know this by now, the following steps will help you in understanding how to use this very feature.

How to Use Google Picture Search Feature On Android

Step 1: First and foremost, you need to have Google Search app installed on your device. Recent devices come loaded with the app, whereas if it is absent on your device, you may download it from the Google Play store.


Step 2: Once you are inside the app, which is the very first screen, tap on the settings button which is at the bottom right corner (the one with three vertical dots). Tapping on the same opens a list of options. There will be an option saying Search With Camera, and you need to select the same.


Step 3: On the next screen you will see the camera viewfinder. Now you have to point at the object or the person which you wish to search about, and press the camera button present towards the bottom right corner of the viewfinder.


When the picture is taken, the app will automatically search the web for images that are similar to the one you just clicked.


A great feature which reduces the effort of typing on the user’s end. Having said that, the only problem we faced was the app’s inability to present any results for a couple of pictures taken by me. But on the contrary, it did work well most of the times.

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