[How to] Make iPhone Usable By an Autism, Low Vision or Blind Users on iOS 6

We all have given our iPhone handset to a child as he would have asked for it because they have to play a game or see some pictures or take a photo from your phone. But once they press the button at point of time they comeback to the home screen and now they can navigate to anything from your Messages, Emails, Contacts or some application and can access your private data that you never intended anyone to see especially a child.

Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore with your iPhone anymore as the new version of your iOS comes with a feature known as Guided Access which will allow you to grant the access of a specific application to someone without the navigation option out of the app using the home button.

Steps to Use Guided Access on your iOS 6

Here’s how you can do it


This is main screen of your iPhone. You can now unlock your phone by sliding across it.


After you will unlock your iPhone this is how your iPhone’s screen will look like. Now tap on the grey colored icon which says Settings and also has a red outline in the above screen.


Inside Settings you will find an option which says General with a red outline at the bottom of the screen. Just tap on that.


Inside General there is an option Accessibility with a red outline at the bottom of the screen. Just tap on that.


Inside Accessibility there is an option of Guided Access with a red outline at the bottom of the screen. Just tap on that.


Inside Guided Access there is a Guided Access toggle to turn it ON with a red outline at the top of the screen. Just slide it to turn it ON. After you turn Guided Access ON and you have to put an application into Guided Access Mode just press the Home button thrice simultaneously when you are inside the application.

So here i considered the example of a game that i was playing. In order to put  it into Guided Access mode you can triple click on the home button and the below screen will open.


The above screen opens up which has two buttons on the top Cancel on the top left hand corner and Start at the top right hand corner. So if you want to start the Guided Access on this app you should press Start on the top right hand corner and if you pressed the buttons by mistake you can always cancel it using the Cancel button on the top left hand corner.


The above screen opens up when you will press on the Options button on the bottom left hand corner in the previous screen. You can also control the touch as well as the Motion using toggles together or individually.


After you have set all the options that you want and you press Start button present on the top right hand corner the above screen opens up which will allow you to set a password in case someone uses the Home button to come out of the App in the Guided access.


The above notification comes after you have entered the password and pressed on Go.


You can also pause the services in between using the Home button. When you press it thrice simultaneously the above screen will open which has two buttons on the top two corners End and Resume. The End button will end the Guided access and Resume button will resume the Access from the point where we paused it.


The Guided Access feature also allows you to disable a part of the screen which you think is of no use to the user. The disabled part appears to have diagonal lines in it.


When you need to finish the Guided access just press the Home button thrice and enter the password that you entered the first time while you got access to the Guided access option for an Application.


This is a very simple tip, but can be very useful for many users who have to frequently give their phones to their kids iOS 6. If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

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