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[How To] Make Apps Enter Sleep Mode on Android In Background

Multitasking has always been one of Android’s key strength. Compared to iOS and Windows Phone 7/8, Android is the only mobile OS that provides true multitasking. However, the downside to this is the extremely poor battery life. By keeping apps running in the background, the battery life of Android devices are adversely affected. Most Android apps will keep a process running in the background even if you don’t use them, which costs some precious resources and drains battery life.

Since there is no task manger in Android and the processes are handled at a system level, there is no way to stop these processes from running the background and preserve battery life and resources along with it. Using a task killer does not help, since these processes automatically restart again.

Greenify, a recently released app on the Play Store, allows you to hibernate apps from running in the background thus saving you precious resources and battery life. The only downside to Greenify is that it requires root access and only works on user installed apps, and not on system/pre-installed apps.

 How To Hibernate Apps In The Background On Your Android Device To Preserve Resources

Step 1: Download Greenify from the Play Store, if you have not already. When you first start the app, make sure you provide it with root access.


Step 2: You now need to add apps that constantly run in the background to Greenify. Pressing the + button on the top-right will display a list of apps that are currently running in the background, along with apps that may slow the system down.


Step 3: You can now select any app that you want to hibernate, and it will be successfully added to Greenify’s list. To hibernate the app though, you will need to once again tap on it and then press the pause button on the top.


Step 4: To add more apps, you will need to repeat Steps 2 and 3 again. If you want to hibernate an app that is not listed by Greenify, you can tap the 3-dots menu button and select the ‘Pick an app to greenify’ option. You can now select any app from your app drawer, and then tap the Greenify notification in the notification drawer to hibernate it.



Greenify will only work for user installed apps, and not system apps. This can be a big downer if your phone comes with lot of bloat pre-installed, and you want to hibernate them. Also keep in mind that if you hibernate an app, you will stop receiving background/push notifications from it when the app is in the background. So don’t hibernate IM clients, email applications and other such apps like Whatsapp etc.

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