How App Store Design and Layout Changed in iOS 6

App Store is one of the common upgrades which all the iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S and 5) have received. Well, I have to say that iOS 6 upgrade was of almost no use to Indian iPhone 4 users. Top of everything Apple Maps screwed everything; they don’t have Siri, again many updates out of the domain; then no ‘panorama’ for iPhone 4, Passbook does not work here. So, I picked this feature (as it is the most visual feature of all the new features in iOS 6) and that users should take a good look at all the new features in terms of functionality and appearance in this new App Store.

New Features in App Store

1. App presentation Layout changed

You will see that now the display of the application on the App Store almost corresponds to that of iTunes. Under the Featured list category you can see the application recommended by the editors and also on this page you have the option to redeem the Promo Codes of the applications. You can see the screenshot below.


Click on any of the section, let’s say ‘What’s Hot’ will display the applications in the same pattern as it used but now this time, you will be less number of application on the screen in a single view, as the spaces between the app display has been increased and thus it looks cleaner.


Similarly the Charts section layout has also changed and now you will be able to see the top 10 applications for free, paid and top grossing category on the same screen.



2.‘Genuis’ Tab recommends application

Yes!! they have named it rightly. It will help you with the new application you may want to install on your iPhone. On the basis of the record of all the application downloads performed by you, it will suggest you the application and on each suggestion it will mark the reason also (as highlighted in the Yellow box).


Till now, I haven’t found this application useful. So, if you want remove any of the application from this list, then you should tap the button named ‘Not Interested’ (as highlighted in the red box).

3. Application page became more interactive and detailed.

Now whenever you will search any application, you will see the result as displayed below. Instead of the rows of application, you will see a mini page of the application which will show all the details will be mentioned. You can also see that now they have three different tabs for the users namely Details, Reviews and Related. In the previous version of App Store all of these were available on a single screen.


When you will scroll down the above mentioned screen, then you will see the details of the application. This time they have introduced a much better format in which you can see the details. Initially, the details were no less than 500 to 600 words. Now all these details have been divided into different sections. So that a user can focus on the details which he really wants to know.
The names of the labels are self-explanatory; still if you wish to any more details please put them in the comment section.


Well the reviews and ratings tab will look as mentioned below. Due to this new feature of Facebook integration you will be able to like any application on Facebook and the other things are common which include ratings in stars and reviews by the users.


Next is the related tab, which again contains all the application, created by that developer and also the list of the applications which has been mostly used by the customer having this application.


4. Share applications in more than one way.

Now you have more options for sharing an application, it mentioned in the screenshot below. You have Facebook and Twitter as an extra option and UI for this has changed.


5. No Password required when Updating Application

Your update section will be updated automatically but then the new feature is that it will never ask for password while updating the apps. It will only ask the password while installing them for the first time. moreover if you have any application installed on your iPhone, then the application status on iPhone used to be displayed as ‘INSTALLED’ which has been replaced by ‘OPEN’, this option will help you to open the apps from App Store itself.


You will also be able to see the progress of the installation from the App Store also. Overall the changes implied in this iTunes version are decent and gives a good presentation of all the applications. Moreover for the users from US, all the stuff related to Passbook can be brought from App Store only. Please let us know if you face any issue while using App store.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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