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How To Access The U.S Play Store On Android Device From Outside US

The Google Play Store is home to nearly 700,000+ apps and games. However, not all of those apps or games are available in each and every region of the world. There can be multiple reasons for this like the app being useful only to Android users of a particular country, or an app being unavailable to a specific country because it does not conform to its IT laws.

While this generally makes sense, it can even rob Android users with some pretty useful apps and games. For example, Google has only made the Google Earth app available in the United States and a few other regions of the world. The app works just fine on my Nexus 4 in India as well, so I am really not sure as to why the app is not available in my country. Other such useful apps that are not available everywhere include Google’s Chrome To Phone, and quite a few games from EA Sports.

If you have root access on your Android device, you can access the U.S or U.K or any other region’s Play Store via an app called Market Enabler.

How To Access The U.S Play Store On Your Android Device From Other Regions Of The World

Step 1: To access the U.S Play Store, you need to use an app called Market Enabler on your Android device. The app is not available on the Play Store, but can be downloaded from here.

Step 2: Start the app and then navigate to the ‘Settings list’ tab. Market Enabler will now show you a list of network providers along with their respected country inside brackets.


Step 3: Long press on any of the U.S based operator and select the “fake this provider now” option. Select the ‘Allow’ or ‘Grant’ option that pops up when the app asks for root access. If you want to access the Play Store of any other country, say like Netherlands, you need to select the operator of that country.

Step 4: Open the Play Store app on your Android device now. It will now show you all the apps and games from the U.S Play Store, or of any other country that you may have selected in Market Enabler. The prices of all the apps and games will also be listed in the currency of that respective country now. 


Once you have accessed the U.S Play Store, you can download and install all the apps that are by default not available in your region. You can also purchase paid apps and games without any issues. I cannot say for sure whether you will be able to purchase or rent movies from the Play Store, but you can definitely purchase and download books and music.

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