How To Block An App To Stop Using Location on iPhone, iPad

There are times when you may not want some specific apps to share your location data about where you are while you are using this app, the most frequent app for which users asked about this way to hide location is facebook. As for some people it could be quite uncomfortable to share their location while they adding a status update on their facebook timeline.

iPhone or iPad both gives you full control over location data as you can simply turn off the location for all the apps under Settings >> Location Services

Turn Off Location Services For All Apps

You can simply turn off location services to stop all apps from using your location.

photo 2

Turn Off Location For Specific Apps

In this case if you want to turn off location for specific apps, you have the power to do that as well as in this case, as you just need to tap the location toggle to off mode, as you can see we have turned off the toggle for facebook app.

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This way you can make sure that a facebook app does not use the location while you are using the app, this way you can also save some battery as location services under any app use a lot of battery.

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