How To Block Users in Instagram on iPhone, Android

Photos are one of the main source of socializing with your friend on internet but then users are also very conscious about the images which are uploaded on the network and Instagram is a network which only offers the sharing of images about everything related to you. So, privacy is obviously a very delicate feature to take care of. You must be knowing about the private mode of your profile, wherein anybody cannot just start following you rather you will have to approve their following request but what if you want to block a user completely or you want to keep your profile public and you do not want to change that mode just because of a single user .

In this post we will mention about the way in which you can restrict a particular user to even find your on Instagram. For that you will go to the Start icon and search for that particular by his/her Instagram ID or name.

Visit the profile page and then tap the icon on top right corner for further options.

Select the appropriate option and then confirm it when further dialogue box appears.

It is pretty much different from the private mode where you are cautious about everyone who is allowed to follow you but this method mentioned above will stop a particular user who might be annoying you.


This feature is good but the only which I came across is that even after blocking the user, I was able to view his profile though I did not have option to follow him/her but I should not be able to see the profile when the user has been blocked but yes if you plan to unblock the user ever in future then you will just have to follow the same steps and then unblock him. This feature is good and near expectations.

By Abhinav Singh

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