How To Copy Music Songs, Videos From iPhone to PC

There are many ways to transfer songs from your laptop to iPhone, you can manually copy and paste the songs to the music section of your iPhone or you can create one playlist and sync your iPhone only to that particular playlist, keep on changing it all the times as per your mood and then syncing it once with the help of iTunes or you can tick mark the genre of the music in iTunes and then it will automatically sync all the music under that category.

Transfer iTunes Music, Videos From iPhone to PC

But what to do when you have installed new operating System to your PC and now when all the music from your laptop is gone and you want at-least your iPhone music to be there in your laptop then you can select the free program called Sharepod which allows you to do it easily. Moreover if you laptop does not have any music then syncing the laptop with your iPhone over iTunes will delete all the music of your iPhone. In this post we will mention a method which can help you to transfer the music and almost every type of file to your laptop.


There is a freeware known as Sharepod, which can help you to transfer music from iPhone to PC. This freeware has been designed especially for music and videos on your iPhone. You can download this freeware from the link at the bottom of the end of article. Once you install it, it will detect the device connected with your laptop and automatically list out the details of all the music files and videos available on your iPhone and you will have some options as mentioned above.


With the first option you transfer select files available in the window to your computer. Select the files and if you want to transfer all the files then tap ‘Ctrl+A’, now press the first option and you will see something similar to this. You can select the path where the file will be saved and at the same time you can choose the hierarchy in which the file will be saved, like the songs of the same artist will be saved under a common folder by its name categorized by the names of Album. Similarly, you can choose any other hierarchy option or you can create your own option. That’s it you will find your music or video at the same location. You can also choose to take the backup of music and videos on your iPhone and choose to transfer the music from laptop to your iPhone without using iTunes.

Please Note: You will only be able to copy the songs which you have transferred to iphone from iTunes previously from PC, but you can’t transfer the purchased and downloaded songs from iTunes music store.


I tried to search for many application but most of them were paid and yes obviously much better than this in terms of UI and functionalities. Tools like iExplorer3 can do the same for all the available files on your iPhone like, taking out the downloaded browsing history or backup files or other media. You might take help with the demo version also but then it will ping you all the time to convert it into the full version. This freeware is a good and neat application for transferring the application from laptop to iPhone.

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