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How To Get Android 4.0 Like Lock Screen On Your Android Device

With Ice Cream Sandwich, Google introduced major UI changes to Android in a bid to polish the OS, and bring a common design guideline – Holo – across all apps. Matias Durate’s touch on Ice Cream Sandwich was clearly visible, and for the first time, Android looked as good as iOS and Windows Phone, if not better.

One of the key changes that Google made in Ice Cream Sandwich was the new lock screen. Gone were the old sliders from Gingerbread era, and instead users were now greeted with a simple lock icon that could be dragged to the left to unlock the device, to the right to open the camera and up for Google Now. With Jelly Bean, Google further tweaked the lock screen to introduce lock screen widgets and removed the camera and Google Now shortcuts from the lock screen.

Most Android OEMs ditch Google’s lock screen implementation for a simple swipe to unlock anywhere, or an iPhone inspired unlock slider. If you are lusting after the simple ICS/Jelly Bean inspired lock screen or are just bored with your current lock screen and looking for a change, you can easily get the ICS/JB inspired lock screen on your Android device now.

How To Get The Ice Cream Sandwich Lock Screen On Your Android Device

Step 1: Head over to the Play Store and download Holo Locker. The application will replace the default lock screen on your Android device with an Ice Cream Sandwich look alike one that also offers some additional features.


Step 2: Holo Locker will automatically replace your stock lock screen without starting the app. To customize Holo Locker, fire up the Locker settings from your app drawer. You can assign an emergency unlock pattern from General Settings -> Emergency Unlock. This option can be useful if for some reason Holo Locker is not stable on your device and freezes constantly. The default emergency unlock pattern is the Back+Volume Down button combination.


Step 3: If your Android device has a physical Home button, you can select the “Home key helper”option to disable the Home button from waking up your device. You can also disable the vibration when unlocking the device by removing the tick from the “Enable Vibrator” option.



The Plus (paid) version of Holo Locker allows for greater customizability including the ability to place app shortcuts directly on the lock screen. You can even get direct unread counts on the lock screen for your messages, emails and other apps such as K-9 mail. Other features of the paid version include the ability to set alternative wallpaper and background tint for the lock screen.

Do keep in mind that since Holo Locker does not requires root functionality, there might be times when your old lock screen comes up instead of Holo Locker. If available, disable your lock screen from the Settings so that Holo locker can work without any issues.

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